Welcome to my new site!

If you're reading this, you will have visited my new website. It is a thing of beauty for sure!

Whilst I loved my old site, it was definitely time for a face lift and a refresh (arguably for the website owner too!) and so this new beauty was born!

I'm a very lucky girl as times like this make you realise all the lovely creative people in your life and how, with promises of plentiful lemon drizzle cake, they will lend you their talents in order to showcase your own work!

So a huge thank you goes out to Laurence of 'Nevar Designs' for the fabulous site and for putting up with me asking daft IT based questions and also for deciphering my nonsense emails (when I come up with something that I think will be brilliant and no doubt is a pain to do!)

The next big thank you goes to Tony of 'Tony Morrison Photographer' for making my work look so amazing and so professional.

Both of these gentlemen would be highly recommended by me for any future work.

So, what's new on the site I hear you ask? Well, this site now features an online store (I am keeping my Etsy store too but I like having my own on here too) and online bookings for workshops. Alongside this, the reviews, gallery and contact pages from my previous site have been retained.

It also allows me the chance to utilise this blog to update everyone with what I'm doing. Please feel free to follow the blog for updates. I will share to social media as well.

So, that's it for now......watch this space for news, shop and workshop updates, new designs and general stuff that takes my fancy! xxx

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