"I love hats......but I can't wear them!"

How many times do milliners hear this common phrase?

It's uttered by so many potential clients; those who need a hat for an occasion but have no confidence in wearing one, Mothers of the Bride/Groom who know one is expected but hate the stereotypical 'look' that is associated with this role, and just those fashion fans who secretly yearn to add a unique touch to their outfit but are unsure of how to wear it.

My feeling has always been that to say hats don't suit you is to say that shoes don't suit you. Yes, the choice of a sky high stiletto is not for all of us (particularly those of us over 40!) but a funky biker boot might be. Just as styles and shapes and sizes vary within the shoe world, it is the same in the world of millinery.

I love nothing more than the challenge of someone saying that hats don't suit them - I guarantee I can find at least two styles that will! I had a lovely lady visit my studio last week. She is going to be the Mother of the Groom next year and really wanted to make sure that she fully embraced the occasion with her outfit but said the famous words "I'm your worst nightmare, I've never found anything that suits me". Within ten minutes we found two completely different styles that she fell in love with!

Both of these styles are unique in their design, they are comfortable to wear and look nothing like the standard, bland stereotypical Mother of the Groom/Bride styles that you'll find in your local department store.

By visiting an independent designer (in any field!) you will have a full design experience. A style will be found that suits you and you are comfortable in. Colours will be matched perfectly to your outfit and the embellishment will be created with you in mind so that your piece reflects you as a person and your personality. Large wide brimmed styles, small percher styles, halo bands, pillboxes, trilby, fedoras, or small unique fascinators, the possibilities are endless!

A client collected her Mother of the Bride hat this morning and on leaving said "thank you, I really enjoyed the whole experience" and that is exactly what it is. By having a piece of millinery created by a milliner especially for you, you are embarking on an experience and in this world of mass produced fast fashion, why not treat yourself to something that is handmade and high quality - don't we all deserve that?

I'm lucky in that I do a job that I love so please do pop along for any millinery need and let me share my enthusiasm for design with you. Pieces are created in my Worcester hat shop, based in Bransford, and suit the Races, Weddings, Garden Parties. I have many pieces that are ready to purchase and to hire as well.

So be brave and try something new...be the belle of the ball...be the one who sets the trend...be the one who supports independent designers...go and find the perfect millinery style for you (and while you're at it, why not go for those funky biker boots too!) x

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